Grid tired, Hybrid, and Off-Grid Systems are now available with creative financing.



Silver Sun Solar provides grid connected, hybrid, and. off-grid solar electric and battery systems. We also provide solar water heating and pool heating systems.



Silver Sun Solar delivers its clientele with project management, feasibility studies, systems designs, and installation services for solar electric and solar hot waters systems.


Silver Sun Solar’s expert systems designs can offset common use energy or entire communitie

Silver Sun Solar builds and designs and secures financing for common use or entire community systm s. Utilizing micro-grids, hybrid or net-metering systems. 

Solar Electric (PV)


Silver Sun Solar uses state of the art technology in all of our projects. We endeavor to utilize only the highest quality solar panels, inverters and racking systems. Our solar projects provide countless years of reliable renewable energy production.  

Solar Wter Heating (SHW)


Solar water heating or solar thermal has been an incredibly reliable renewable energy application for hundreds of years. Heating water with the sun is environmentally friendly and amazingly efficient. Direct, open-loop and thermo-siphon systems.

Energy Storage (ES)


Silver Sun Solar provides clients with options for energy storage solutions using Lead Crystal, Lithium Ion and Zinc Air battery technologies. Our battery technology partners are all best in class and are tailored to our clients needs and budgets.